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Dry Eye Symptoms,

Evaluation & Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

in Newport Beach, CA

Dry eye occurs when you do not produce enough tears, or tears of good enough quality, to lubricate, nourish and protect the eyes. Dry eye can damage delicate eye tissues and impair your vision. If you are not sure of how best to manage your dry eye problem or if the over-the-counter eye drops you are using  are not helping your condition, you should schedule an eye exam with Dr. Kurteeva to uncover the root cause of your dry eye.

Sometimes you can have intermittent tearing and think your eyes are too watery when actually the underlying cause is insufficient baseline tear production.

Dr. Kurteeva will examine your eyes, evaluate your tear film and your ocular surface and then recommend treatment options for your unique situation.

Dry Eye Symptoms

  • Watering eyes

  • Light sensitivity

  • Gritty sensation

  • Redness

  • Eye fatigue

  • Blurred vision

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Ready to Get Started?

Typical Causes of Dry Eye

  • Age

  • Environmental conditions such as wind, dust, smoke, computer use

  • Contact lenses

  • Eyelid conditions

  • Hormonal changes, especially in women

  • Medications

  • Medical conditions such as arthritis, thyroid problems, diabetes

  • Refractive surgery

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Treatments for Dry Eye in Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Kurteeva will discuss your personal situation with you. She may recommend one or more of the following dry eye treatments in Newport Beach:

  • Prescription eye drops

  • Dietary supplements

  • Artificial tears

  • Punctal plugs to preserve the tears you are making

You don’t have to endure the discomfort of dry eyes. Call or Schedule an eye exam today to get your dry eye problem appropriately identified and to begin a treatment program to provide relief.

What Our Patients Say

"I have to agree with all of the reviews I read about Dr. Katerina. Kind, knowledgeable and skilled. Best of all very efficient, took care of my needs in one office visit. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Dr. Katerina!"
-Randal Durham
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