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Dr. Katerina Kurteeva on Premium Intraocular Lens Technology & Modern Cataract Surgery.

Dr. Kurteeva did my cataract surgery five years ago and I couldn't be happier. I continue to refer all my friends who need surgery to her. I have great confidence in her skills. I was touched by her professional manner and kind heart. I truly enjoy my "new" vision and love the colors around me. The only complaint I have that I can see all the wrinkles on my face now! I recommend Dr. Kurteeva to my friends and family.

Rochelle Penaflorida

Dr. Kurteeva is an intelligent, compassionate, and caring person which makes her an excellent doctor!! I’ve been Dr. Kurteeva’s patient for several years now. Her soft-toned voice and carrying attitude create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during the visits. Dr. Kurteeva always answers all of my questions in detail but without going on to mumble for hours. She is also absolutely great with kids! Every time I visit her office, it is nothing but a wonderful and positive experience! The office staff is very helpful and welcoming, and there is practically no wait time!!! Oh, and if that is not enough, their prices are amazing too!

Diana Isyanova

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I saw Dr. Kurteeva for the second time for a stye that continued to grow despite the treatment prescribed by my optometrist. I tried drops and cream but the stye became bigger. Dr. Kurteeva discussed different ways to treat the stye; since I was tired of dealing with it, I opted for in office procedure. I didn't know what to expect. At first, I was nervous, but when she said that everything was over, I could not believe it. It took just a few minutes, and I was able to drive myself home. It took a few more days for my eyelid to look normal, but I did not have eye pain anymore. She has soft and steady hands and made everything seem easy.

Vitaliy Vasinovich

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